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Short Life Much To See Exhibition

Hello there, sorry if you are confused by this gallery. Yes, you may have seen these images elsewhere on this site.

But this gallery is an online version of images on display at Ku-ring-gai Library in Gordon until March. several other images will be added over the next couple days until the entire exhibition is online. Please enjoy.


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Original Landscape Paintings

David Hutchins – Lives in Ku-ring-gai with his wife and two boys. He has been painting for more than 15 years and enjoys

exploring the many contrasts in the Australian landscape. These contrasts resonate through his work, reminding us of the stark beauty,strength and colour of our amazing country.

One Tree Hill– Inspired by a painting trip into South West Queensland, which for so long had been in drought, this painting is about space and isolation working a tenacious, yet enduring balance. Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas. 495 X645mm $1250

Rising Waters- Using strong textures to convey the movement and drama of a river’s rising waters, this painting captures the flood’s persistent strength as rises through the bush. Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas. 470 x 530mm $1250

Boat with Broken Sky– Skeletal trees, an isolated water hole, and an empty boat combine in a stormy eerie pre-dawn. Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas. 545 X 800mm $1250

Big Red -This painting conveys some of the majesty of Australia’s outback. Big distances, huge expanses of powerful geological forms can

often humble the diminutive viewer. Acrylic on Canvas. 1110 x 810mm $2200

Drought Family – Our landscapes are often imbued with beautiful colour and tones, but within these societal undercurrents, triumphs and

struggles are ever present. Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas. 495 X 650mm $1250

The Explorers – Inspired by the journals of early explorers, this painting considers their and our journeys, challenges, goals, hardships

and triumphs. Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas. 440 X 340mm. $550

Rock Pool – Pools of water, surrounded by rocky sentinels, some resembling faces of those long past. Ink and Acrylic on Paper. 625 x 505mm $650

Coast Mist – From a boat looking towards shore, a faint mist, diffuses the colours and forms, but can’t disguise the grandeur.

Acrylic on Paper 625 X 805mm $750

Boat and Candy Coast – Whimsical colours and a bird’s eye view of a tropical coast, and a restful sail boat, almost in the air,

tropical space is different space. Acrylic on Paper 625 x805 $750

Rocktropolis – Rock forms stand over forest with what seem to be innate life forms, almost ready to transform. Ink and Acrylic on

Paper 525 X 805mm $750

Big Sky – Venturing into the outback can underscore our diminutive relativity whilst at the same time causing us to reflect on who we are and

where we are going Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas 545 X 645mm $1250

Rocktropolis Beach – Everyone loves discovering new beaches, full of promise and mystery. Ink and Acrylic on paper 505 X 625mm $650

Big Dry – A sheep station in western Qld inspired this work showing the crackling yellows and silvery carcasses of once mighty trees.

Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas 650 X 650mm $1250

Bunginderry Waterhole – Painted on a trip to a QLD cattle station, this colourful spot above a dry waterhole had many interests.

Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas 340 X 945mm $550

Mother Ocean – As snow thaws, and streams become rivers, and rivers become oceans, life renews Acrylic and Mixed Pigments on Canvas 520 X 620mm $1250

Wetlands – When the rains fall and waters a plenty, the land quickly surrenders 405 x 480 Acrylic on Canvas $550